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MRT update their policy on single-use plastic water bottles

Posted on 18/10/19

Martin Randall Travel are introducing a new initiative to distribute re-usable water bottles on our tours. It is our intention to significantly reduce, and eventually eliminate, the use of single-use plastic water bottles on all of our holidays.

We have partnered with Water-To-Go, who produce environmentally-friendly re-usable water bottles with an innovative built-in filtering system. They aim to protect our planet by offering a responsible alternative to single-use plastic water bottles, which at the same time will provide you with safe drinking water. The filter works by removing more than 99.9% of bacteria, so it can be used wherever you travel.

We encourage all MRT clients travelling to destinations where the water is safe to drink to bring a re-usable water bottle, as we will no longer provide single-use plastic water bottles. We will donate the money we save to the UK charity Action for Conservation.

You can purchase a re-usable water bottle on the Water-To-Go website. As a Martin Randall Travel client, you are entitled to a 15% discount. Water-To-Go will also donate 15% of the proceeds to the India Solar Water Heating project, a scheme that has been vetted and approved by AITO, our trade association, and provides hot water fuelled by renewable energy throughout India.

We hope that introducing re-usable water bottles will help to reduce plastic consumption and waste on our events, and protect the wonderful environments we travel through. We plan to pilot the initiative on our UK tours before rolling this out across our global destinations.


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