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Upcoming online talks with MRT speakers

last updated on 05/05/23



Sir Christopher Wren, polymath and starchitect – three online talks by Simon Thurley

2–16 October 2023

Subscribers have until 11th December 2023 to watch all episodes.

1. A gilded youth (2nd October 2023)

2. Patrons, politics and popularity (9th October 2023)

3. City, court and country (16th October 2023)

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European Cinema and the Short Story: From Maupassant to Munro – five online talks by Pasquale Iannone

27 July–24 August 2023

Subscribers have until 26th September 2023 to watch all episodes.

1. Guy de Maupassant and Le Plaisir (1952) (27th July 2023)

2. Italo Calvino and Renzo and Luciana (1962) (3rd August 2023)

3. Daphne Du Maurier and Don’t Look Now (1973) (10th August 2023)

4. Karen Blixen and Babette’s Feast (1987) (17th August 2023)

5. Alice Munro and Julieta (2016) (24th August 2023)

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Liverpool, St George’s Hall and Lime Street Station, 19th-century lithograph by Charles Wilkinson.

Reinventing the North – a virtual journey – five online talks by Chris Moss

4 July–1 August 2023

Subscribers have until 26th September 2023 to watch all episodes.

1. Liverpool – Port of Departure (4th July 2023)

2. Muck and brass – The making and unmaking of the North (11th July 2023)

3. Cottonopolis and Cottonia – From Manchester to the world (18th July 2023)

4. Radicals, reformers and rugby league (25th July 2023)

5. T’other north: the North East (1st August 2023)

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Iconic Italian Design: Five Perfect Partnerships – five online talks by Dr Philippa Joseph

1–29 June 2023

Subscribers have until 24th August 2023 to watch all episodes.

1. Marcello Nizzoli and Olivetti (1st June 2023)

2. Architects and Italian Furniture Design (8th June 2023)

3. Dante Giacosa and Fiat (15th June 2023)

4. Pier Luigi Nervi and Reinforced Concrete (22nd June 2023)

5. Anna Castelli Ferrieri and Plastics (29th June 2023)

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Medieval Germany: Treasures of the Holy Roman Empire – six online talks by Dr Ulrike Ziegler

15–31 May 2023

Subscribers have until 26th July 2023 to watch all episodes.

1. Charlemagne and the Renovatio Romanorum Imperii (15th May 2023)

2. Churches, crypts and reliquaries of the Carolingian age (17th May 2023)

3. Ottonian architecture – Essen, Gernrode, Hildesheim (22nd May 2023)

4. Madonnas, Crucifixes and a Crown, gold work and sculpture (24th May 2023)

5. Speyer and Goslar, centres of Salian art and architecture (29th May 2023)

6. Frederick I Barbarossa and the Sacrum Imperium: art in an age of conflict (31st May 2023)

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Ivory, Apes, and Peacocks: Luxury, Trade and Exchange in the Ancient World – six online talks by Professor Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

24 April–10 May 2023

Subscribers have until 5th July 2023 to watch all episodes.

1. New Kingdom Egypt and its International Networks (24th April 2023)

2. Mesopotamia and Anatolia: Merchants and Materials of Exchange (26th April 2023)

3. Pre-recorded. Assyrianization (1st May 2023)

4. Pre-recorded. Between Mesopotamia and the Zagros: Urartu, Media and Elam (3rd May 2023)

5. Pre-recorded. Early Greece and the Near East: Orientalization (8th May 2023)

6. Between Persia and India (10th May 2023)

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Railway Romance: literature and culture of a British love affair – five online talks by Andrew Martin

11 April–9 May 2023

Subscribers have until 4th July 2023 to watch all episodes.

1. The Literature of Britain’s Railways (11th April 2023)

2. John Betjeman, Metroland and Railway Romance (18th April 2023)

3. Pre-recorded. The British and the European Sleeper Train (25th April 2023)

4. Seats of London: Moquette on London Tube and Bus Seats (2nd May 2023)

5. Preserved Railways (9th May 2023)

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The Age of Power: Science and Globalization in the 18th century – five online talks by Patricia Fara

23 March–20 April 2023

Subscribers have until 15th June 2023 to watch all episodes.

1. Gravity: The Newtonian Empire (23rd March 2023)

2. Electricity: Revolutionary Sparks (30th March 2023)

3. Steam: The Lunar Society of Birmingham (6th April 2023)

4. Empire: Exploration or Exploitation? (13th April 2023)

5. Life: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (20th April 2023)

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