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We offer an unequalled range of tours and events focusing on archaeology, architecture, art, gastronomy, history, houses and gardens, literature and drama, music, ballet and opera, and walking. Many tours involve elements of various themes, such as a combination of art, architecture and music.


Our archaeological tours journey through history exploring antique and Classical worlds.

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Art & Architecture

Our art and architecture tours take you to the most famous and celebrated galleries and buildings in the world.

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Gastronomy & Wine

Our tours will delight discerning palates: explore Sicily, The Basque Country, The Low Countries and more.

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Taking an original and vigorous approach, MRT History tours focus on significant encounters and events around the world.

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Houses & Gardens

Our house and garden tours offer an escape from the urban environment, encompassing wildly beautiful landscapes and imaginative public plantings inspired by the natural world.

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Literature & Drama

Dive into the world of great writers, such as Shakespeare and Dante.

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Music, Opera & Ballet

We provide top-category tickets to some of the finest concerts, ballet and opera performances in the world.

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Our walking tours take you to traditional pilgrimage routes or lesser-known country trails.

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