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Archaeology tours

From prehistoric cave art in the Dordogne to the Acropolis in Athens, and Pompeii to Cambodia, our archaeological tours journey through history exploring antique and Classical worlds.

Getting up close to the evidence and artefacts of early civilisations, our expert tour-leaders decode the stories of the most famous archaeological sites, as well as countless lesser-known ones. 


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Cyprus: stepping stone of history Island civilisation in the Eastern Mediterranean

03 - 11 Jun 2024 £4,270
4 space(s) remaining
Map of Cyprus, copper engraving c. 1620.
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Orkney: 5,000 years of culture Neolithic, Iron Age, Viking, present day

02 - 08 Jul 2024 £2,520
2 space(s) remaining
Kirkwall, steel engraving c. 1850
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Western Ireland Archaeology Archaeology, history & landscape

08 - 14 Jul 2024 £3,140
7 space(s) remaining
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