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Art & Architecture tours

From Classical orders to modernist innovations, our art and architecture tours examine many protagonists and periods in the history of civilisations around the world, whether the rich artistic traditions of Japan or the private palaces of Venice.

Explore the most famous and celebrated galleries in the world, such as the Uffizi, Prado and the Hermitage, and study countless lesser known gems on our art tours – and on our architecture tours, learn about great buildings as monuments and dwelling-spaces, as works of engineering as well as works of art, and as vital components in a city’s mythos. 

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King Ludwig II and the Wittelsbach palaces of Bavaria

04 - 09 Aug 2024 £3,230
1 space(s) remaining
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The Squares Walk London’s greatest glory

06 Aug 2024 £220
Fully booked
Belgrave Square, Pimlico, engraving (detail) c. 1830.
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Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania History, art and architecture of the Baltic Countries

11 - 24 Aug 2024 £4,990
Fully booked
Tallinn, the Upper Town, lithograph c. 1840.
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