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MRT lecturer Dr Paul Bahn consults on BBC2's How Art Began

posted on 25/01/19

On Saturday 26th January, BBC2’s film, 'How Art Began', will journey beyond the cave paintings of Ice Age Europe, to examine new discoveries around the world which are changing ideas about the origins of art. Led by Britain's celebrated sculptor Antony Gormley, Martin Randall Travel’s archaeology and prehistoric art lecturer, Dr Paul Bahn, acted as an expert consultant.

In caves across France, Spain and Indonesia, and in Australian rock shelters, Antony will reveal images from millennia ago which are altering ideas about when and where the pivotal moment in human evolution developed. Moving away from the view of early creative expression being unique to Europe, these discoveries across the globe weave a new story.

Meeting the experts behind these discoveries, Antony learns the techniques used in these creations by our early ancestors and asks what they can tell us about who we are.

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