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Cultural tours in China

How do we encompass the vast sweeps of history, landscape and cultural achievement represented by this emerging 21st-century superpower? By taking consistently fresh, informed perspectives – literally so in the case of the Terracotta Warriors, where MRT clients have privileged access to a special viewing platform. Our tours take in the big picture – ancient and current capitals, the Great Wall, futuristic Shanghai – and focus on the exquisite detail, such as the scenery immortalised on vases and tea services.

We celebrate artistic achievement, from the bronzes of early dynasties to the propaganda posters of the Mao era, and feel the giddy rush of progress on high-speed rail journeys. Above all, our tours convey a culture in fascinating flux, its bedrock of Confucian beliefs and Buddhist faith – not to mention its legacy of Communism – being overtaken by unprecedented economic growth. Led by renowned sinologists, these itineraries offer rare insight into a country that can lay current claim to being among the world’s most intriguing.

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