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Cultural tours in Czech Republic

Prague Spring is the title of the annual music festival – one of the most illustrious in Europe – with which our tour is linked. It is also a byword for freedom and hope that finds apt expression in our other tours of the city and the countryside beyond. There is an understandable emphasis on Prague itself – one of the world’s loveliest cities – with distinct itineraries that focus on, respectively, art and architecture around the turn of the nineteenth century, when Art Nouveau flourished, and the Modernism of the interwar years that led on from that.

These tours are distinguished by private visits to hidden glories – also a feature of our tour through the historic provinces of Bohemia and Moravia on an extraordinary architectural trail. In these relatively unexplored regions lies one of the richest concentrations of country houses and town palaces in Europe, from the elegance of the Renaissance, through exuberant Baroque to English-inspired Gothic Revival. The natural landscape, too, is a revelation as we travel through pockets of deep, unchanging rurality.

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Connoisseur’s Prague Art, architecture & design, with privileged access

02 - 08 Sep 2024 £3,570
Prague, Charles Bridge, watercolour by B. Granville Baker, publ. 1923.
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Music of the Czech Lands the Janáček Brno Festival

31 Oct - 05 Nov 2024 £3,590
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