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Giles Waterfield's 'The People's Galleries' to be released Tuesday 25th August

posted on 18/08/15

MRT lecturer and art historian Giles Waterfield will be releasing his latest book The People’s Galleries: Art Museums & Exhibitions in Britain 1800–1914 on 25th August 2015.

The popularity of museums swept across Britain in the 19th century, from London’s National Gallery to smaller regional museums in the industrial cities of Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester. The book studies the operation, architecture and policies of these museums, with a particular interest in the rise of the temporary exhibition.

Giles also explores the ways in which these regional museums were shaped by the liberal ideals of the working-class and the importance of social inclusion, a concept which is still dominant in the character of British museums today.

Giles is a member of the National Trust Arts Panel and is also a novelist, his latest fiction is The Iron Necklace. He leads two of our London Days as well as our Royal Residences tour, a study of nine palaces and royal homes with a selection of private out-of-hours tours. 


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