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German genius, from Gothic to Gropius

posted on 06/09/21


The very finest of Europe’s preserved architecture can be found in Germany. The Roman monuments of Trier, for example; or the Gothic showpieces of Stralsund; not to mention the Bauhaus buildings in Weimar, Dessau and Bernau.

Our expert-led tours for small groups explore both the historic centres and the hidden corners of Europe’s pre-eminent nation. Expect privileged access as well as impeccable organisation, fine hotels and restaurants, and excellent company.

Tours include

Romans & Carolingians with Dr Hugh Doherty | 6–13 April 2022

Franconia with Dr Jarl Kremeier | 20–27 June 2022

Bauhaus with Tom Abbott | 5–10 July 2022

The Hanseatic League with Andrews Puth | 4–11 August 2022

King Ludwig II with Tom Abbott | 17–22 August 2022

and more.

'First class scholarship enthusiastically, energetically and joyfully put across with humour thrown in for good measure.’

'We were thrilled to see so many interesting buildings. My head is still in a whirl! I need a return visit to fully appreciate and consolidate the wonderful experience.'

'I know from experience, any tour with Jarl as our lecturer, will be first rate. He loves his history so much, he manages to infuse it into his listeners.'

'This is our third tour with Tom Abbott, all of which have been exceptional.'

'A fantastic trip for us. We found all the safety measures you put in place more than covered any concerns we might have had about Covid. We wouldn’t hesitate to continue to recommend MRT and would reassure any trepid travellers that the outside world is not to be feared!'


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