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MRT celebrates 1,000 AITO reviews with a 99% rating

posted on 28/02/23


As a longstanding and proud member of AITO, The Specialist Travel Association, we are delighted to announce that we have reached 1,000 traveller reviews on the AITO website – with an impressive overall 99% satisfaction rating.

‘We were so thrilled that the Covid lockdown would not put an end to the company's music and travel plans. Each time we were amazed by the quality and variety of the music and musicians. The expertise of guides with whom to explore the cities chosen for the festivals, as well as the wider cultural environment: art, architecture, and environment, was outstanding and gratefully absorbed.’  

Many of our clients have taken the time to share their experiences with Martin Randall Travel by posting reviews such as this. Even in this age of advanced media marketing we find no tool to be a match for personal recommendation and we would like to thank those who have made the special effort to offer their invaluable feedback.

The travel industry, especially independent tour operators, has faced unprecedented challenges throughout and in the wake of the pandemic. An anxiety at the forefront of our minds was whether the desire to travel and to attend live music events would return after such a long hiatus. With 2023 well underway, we can say with confidence and considerable relief that these concerns have been allayed.

Not only has the appetite for travel fully returned but we are overjoyed to find that our clients have been gratified by their experiences…

‘Venetian Palaces is a very popular MRT tour. Rightly. The level of support pre-travel is strong and has not suffered from post-covid syndrome like some other operators. Access was arranged to some private palaces and hosted by the owners, and a private evening visit to the Basilica of San Marco was something special.’

These comments have kept us smiling and inspired us to continue to produce tours that offer the finest experiences in cultural travel. As the 1,000th review sums up: 'Martin Randall's organisation of the tour was excellent. Everything proceeded seamlessly and without problems... a wonderful holiday which I will always remember.'

Photograph ©Bill Knight


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