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London's Top 10: shedding an alternative light on London’s best-known landmarks

posted on 31/01/18

London’s Top Ten, is an attempt to see London’s most famous sights with fresh eyes, breaking down the barrier of over-familiarity.

With analyses and interpretations often reflecting new scholarship, lecturers will share ways of seeing these famous landmarks, rarely imparted by ordinary guides and guidebooks.

Martin Randall, who often leads a departure of the day, remarks:

When a student, I obtained permission to ascend the scaffolding at St Paul’s. The purpose was thrills rather than scholarship; to the foreman, who expected the latter, I tried to pontificate sagely about Wren’s wishes with regard to skyline sculpture, but I’m still embarrassed by the memory because it was largely made up. English architecture was my first art-historical passion; forty-something years later, I am allowing myself another thrill at St Paul’s – and nine other buildings – by explaining how it came to be. This London Day attempts to batter down the barrier of over-familiarity with pertinent information and insights – all evidence-based, I promise!

From amongst London's top ten, lecturers will choose 8 or 9 nine landmarks for their tour, from the following:

The Tower of London

Tower Bridge

The Shard (from a distance)

St Paul’s Cathedral (entered)

Trafalgar Square

Westminster Abbey (entered)

The Houses of Parliament

Piccadilly Circus

Downing Street

Buckingham Palace


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