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'The Noisiest Spring', by Raaja Bhasin

posted on 06/05/20

Past the blooming calla lilies
The struggling petunias of the garden
Beyond iris flowered and gone

Fleabane on stone
Bergenia along still-dry moss.
Among red rhododendron in the woods

The distant snows shine.
River water, as we are told,
Is clean, is clear.

A leopard, or was that two?
Wait for the lights to change.
A four-ball of deer
From the rough to the green.
A civet cat not seen
Sets out to examine the marketplace.

We watch from our windows,
As the noisiest spring of the century goes past.

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By Raaja Bhasin
MRT lecturer

MRT Tour Manager Heather Millican travelled with Raaja on our Indian Summer tour in 2018:

"I was touched by Raaja’s poem because I can picture Shimla, from where he writes, and while it is a place of immense beauty it is also a place of bustle and activity. That this town in the Himalayan foothills is sharing the lockdown that engulfs my home city, London, felt especially poignant. I look forward very much to returning to Shimla."


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