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Tours departing in October and November 2020

posted on 05/10/20


If you are keen to travel this autumn, we have listed tours expected to run. There are five departures to Italy, and a programme of London Days (which, after carefully studying the Rule of Six, can continue to run as planned). We hope you are able to join us.

Gastronomic Friuli-Venezia Giulia – superb food and wine in Italy’s less frequented north east

11–17 October 2020

Regions on the border are often the most complex and interesting in terms of gastronomic culture, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia is no exception. This seven-day tour covers the full spectrum of experiences, from cheese and ham at the tables of their producers to the region’s finest 2* Michelin restaurant. There is fish and shellfish to enjoy too, as well as art and history in towns whose histories pre-date even the Romans.

Led by Marc Millon.

Civilisations of Sicily – Mediterranean crossroads: 3,000 years of creativity

12–24 October 2020

As a stepping-stone across the Mediterranean, Sicily’s strategic position is unrivalled. Greek colonists left magnificent Doric temples; Roman plutocrats laid exquisite mosaics; and in Palermo’s Palatine chapel, the island’s 11th-century Norman conquerors oversaw a rare and intriguing synthesis of Christian and Islamic art. Our carefully paced 13-day itinerary includes these, and many lesser-known sights – including an excursion to Calabria to see the Riace Bronzes.

Led by Christopher Newall.

Pompeii & Herculaneum – antiquities of the Bay of Naples

19–24 October 2020

When Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD79 it sealed the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum beneath layers of volcanic ash and mud. These perfectly preserved time capsules now provide unique insights into everyday life in the Roman Empire. A whole day is devoted to Pompeii, balancing public grandeur with exquisite domestic detail, while another is divided between Herculaneum and ancient Oplontis (possibly the home of Nero’s wife). Other Classical sites along the bay are also explored.

Led by Dr Mark Grahame.

Tintoretto, Titian & Veronese – celebrating three Renaissance masters in Venice

26 October–1 November 2020

This is a deep and glorious immersion in the Renaissance art of Venice, focusing on a triumvirate of geniuses, but also studying the wider picture. We view all the major masterpieces of the three – including Tintoretto’s canvases in the Scuola Grande di S. Rocco, Titian’s Assumption in the Frari and paintings by Veronese in the Doge’s Palace. There is an excursion to the mainland to see Palladio’s Villa Barbaro with frescoes by Veronese.

Led by Dr Michael Douglas-Scott.

Venetian Palaces – the greatest and best-preserved palaces of La Serenissima

10–14 November 2020

It is all very well marvelling at the great houses of La Serenissima as you glide along the Grand Canal; but it is impossible to understand their function, or to get a sense of their true splendour, unless you go inside. On this five-day tour we make a habit of it. Several visits are by special arrangement, and reveal exquisite interiors or magnificent collections of art. Coupled with an out-of-hours visit to the Basilica di San Marco, they build a dazzling picture of the Republic’s wealth and power.

Led by Dr Michael Douglas-Scott.


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'A fantastic trip for us. We found all the safety measures you put in place more than covered any concerns we might have had about Covid[-19]. We wouldn’t hesitate to continue to recommend MRT and would reassure any trepid travellers that the outside world is not to be feared! Once again, thanks for all your help – the trip (almost) felt like normal!' – a participant on The Hanseatic League, August 2020.

'Although we travelled during difficult times, this was a really successful holiday. I saw everything that I hoped to see and enjoyed all aspects of the holiday. Careful organisation of all elements helped me to relax and enjoy myself.' – a participant on Ravenna & Urbino, September 2020.

If you have any questions about travelling with us in the future, please contact us.


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