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Cultural tours in the United Kingdom

Every self-respecting flâneur finds time for champagne at the Savoy and that is precisely what we do on our one-day tour of the backstreets of London, just one of our small-group cultural itineraries of the United Kingdom that offer fresh perspectives on familiar places and faces.

The capital features prominently as we follow traces of Shakespeare, admire the legacies of Hawksmoor and John Nash, explore the treasures of the great museums and delve into the history of the London Underground. We also examine the industrial history of Yorkshire and Lancashire, follow the Venerable Bede between Durham and Lindisfarne, visit the historic houses of the Welsh Borders, walk Cornwall’s ancient landscapes and go on a poetic pilgrimage in the Lake District.

Our expert lecturers - including Paul Atterbury, Anthony Lambert and Dr Charles Nicholl - are of the highest calibre and we enjoy privileged access to many sites, such as St Paul’s Cathedral, as well as offering unusual accommodation and meal venues. It may be home but not quite as you have known it.

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Art in Scotland Great cities, spectacular museums

10 - 17 May 2024 £2,870
Fully booked
Edinburgh Castle from Greyfriars cemetery, wood engraving c. 1890.
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Yorkshire Houses & Gardens Parks and gardens, architecture and decoration, art and furniture

16 - 22 May 2024 £3,150
1 space(s) remaining
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The London Backstreet Walk Hyde Park to the Tower

16 May 2024 £220
Fully booked
Fountain Court, Inner Temple, watercolour by Jack Merriott.
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