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Dr Giles Tillotson appears in 'Treasures of the Indus', part of the BBC's India Season

posted on 08/09/15

The BBC’s India Season, which explores and celebrates the cultural diversity of the country, continues with Treasures of the Indus. The three part series looks at three of India’s cultural treasures and what effect they have had on modern India.

Episode two, The Other Side of the Taj Mahal, focuses on the empire of the Mughals and the splendid architectural legacy they left behind. Art Historian Sona Datta uncovers the arguments surrounding the impact of Mughal reign, especially how far the emperors tolerated the religion and traditions of India after their arrival.

MRT lecturer and Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society Dr Giles Tillotson shares his expertise in this episode. His specialisms include the history and architecture of the Rajput courts of Rajasthan and of the Mughal cities of Delhi and Agra. Giles leads our Mughals and Rajputs tour, as well as our Essential India tour which includes some of India’s most celebrated sites as well as lesser-known but quintessential places. Find out more here.

Find out more about Treasures of the Indus and the selection of programmes featuring in the BBC India Season.


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