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Cultural tours departing in 2021

posted on 05/02/20

We are delighted to publish a list of tours for 2021. Dates listed for tours which are not yet available to book are subject to change, although most are unlikely to move by more than one or two days.

Full details will be launched later in the year – please
e-mail to register your interest.

This page was last updated on 2 April 2020.



Oman, Landscapes & Peoples, 9–19 January (MH620)

Mozart in Salzburg, 25–31 January (MH629)

Essential South India, 28 January–10 February (MH630)

The Ring in Dresden, 28 January–4 February


Wagner's Ring in London, 5–11 February (MH635)

Palaces & Villas of Rome, 8–13 February

Essential Rome, 9–15 February

Chamber Music Break: The Navarra String Quartet, 23–25 February (MH645)

New Orleans to Natchitoches, 24 February–6 March (MH644)

The Ring in Dresden

Opera in Nice & Monte Carlo


Istanbul Revealed, 1–7 March

Art History of Venice, 1–7 March

Israel & Palestine, 2–11 March

The Art of Florence, 8–14 March

Eastern Andalucía, 15–24 March

Venetian Palaces, 16–20 March (MH667)

Indian Summer, 16–27 March (MH666)

Welsh National Opera, 17–20 March (MH669)

Modern Art on the Côte d'Azur, 18–24 March

Normans in the South, 23–31 March (MH675)

Dante 700: Heaven & Hell in Italian Art & Manuscripts, 25–31 March

Chamber Music Break: The Elias String Quartet, 26–28 March (MH679)

Gardens of the Riviera, 26 March–1 April

Opera in Vienna

Music & Ballet in Paris

Hamburg: Opera & 'Elphi'


Basilicata & Calabria, 6–13 April

Ravenna & Urbino, 7–11 April (MH691)

Augustus to Charlemagne, 7–14 April

Gastronomic Andalucía, 9–16 April

Gastronomic Crete, 11–19 April

Pompeii & Heculaneum, 12–17 April

Classical Turkey, 12–21 April (MH696)

Art in Japan, 12–23 April (MH699)

Civilisations of Sicily, 12–24 April

Albania: Crossroads of Antiquity, 14–23 April

Gastronomic Provence, 15–22 April

Chamber Music Break: William Howard & the Carducci String Quartet, 16–18 April (MH705)

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities, 16–27 April

Palladian Villas, 20–25 April (MH707)

The Cathedrals of England, 21–29 April (MH710)

Gardens & Villas of the Italian Lakes, 22–28 April

Essential Jordan, 24 April–2 May

Liguria: the Italian Riviera, 29 April–4 May

Sailing the Dalmatian Coast

Opera in Berlin

Opera in Spain

Madrid & Toledo


Châteaux of the Loire, 5–9 May

Extremadura, 6–15 May

St Petersburg, 7–14 May (MH730)

Classical Greece, 8–17 May

Courts of Northern Italy, 9–16 May

Gardens of Sintra, 10–15 May

Gardens & Villas of Campagna Romana, 10–15 May (MH732)

Walking Hadrian's Wall, 10–16 May

Great Irish Houses, 10–18 May

Traditions of Japan, 10–22 May (MH738)

The Western Balkans, 10–23 May

New English Gardens & RHS Chelsea, 14–19 May

Footpaths of Umbria, 14–21 May

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities, 14–25 May

Modernist Moscow, 15–20 May


Arts & Crafts in the Lake District, 17–21 May

Leipzig Mahler Festival, 17–24 May (MH752)

Walking in the Cotswolds, 17–24 May

Berlin: New Architecture, 18–22 May

Iceland's Story, 19–26 May

Two Spains: The Spanish Civil War & its Aftermath, 19–27 May (MH760)

The Medieval Heart of Portugal, 20–26 May

Moving On: Architecture & Memory in Munich & Stuttgart, 25–31 May

Czech Modernism

Prague Spring Festival

Ballet in Copenhagen

Music in the Regions

Wines of Southern England

The Dresden Music Festival

Lombardy: Gastronomy & Opera


Connoisseur’s New York


Walking to Santiago, 1–12 June

Frank Lloyd Wright, 4–15 June (MH777)

Medieval Burgundy, 5–12 June

Gastronomic Le Marche, 7–14 June (MH784)

Gastronomic Sweden, 11–18 June

Textile Collections in Russia with HALI, 11–19 June

The Venetian Terra Ferma, 14–21 June

Cave Art of France, 14–21 June

Medieval Saxony, 14–22 June (MH795)


Medieval West Midlands, 21–25 June (MH803)

Connoisseur's Vienna, 21–27 June

The Schubertiade

Treasures of Moravia

Nevill Holt & Buxton Opera

The Ring in Berlin

The Leipzig Bach Festival

West Cork Chamber Music Festival

Gardens & Landscapes of the Dutch Wave

Ballet in St Petersburg

Gastronomic Asturias & Cantabria


Finland: Aalto & Others, 1–9 July


Gastronomic Friuli-Venezia Giulia, 5–11 July

French Gothic, 5–11 July

Western Ireland Archaeology, 12–18 July

The Baltic Countries, 25 July–7 August

Danish Castles & Gardens

Hindsgavl: Chamber Music in Denmark

Ryedale Music Festival

The Victorian Achievement

Tudor England

Medieval Suffolk

Savonlinna Opera

Opera in Aix

The Beaune Music Festival

Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival

Opera in Munich & Bregenz

Lofoten Chamber Music Festival

Scottish Gardens

Churches of Gotland


Opera in Santa Fe, 1–9 August

King Ludwig II, 15–20 August

The Hanseatic League, 18–25 August (MH864)


Walking the Danube, 20–27 August

The Age of Bede, 21–24 August

Maritime England, 31 August–6 September

The Schubertiade

Summer Music in Austria

Walking in Southern Bohemia

The Sibelius Festival

Bavarian Organs

Rossini in Pesaro

Scotland: the Making of a Nation

Ancient Shetland

Drottningholm & Confidencen


Peru: the Andean Heartland, 1–14 September (MH873)

Medieval Art in Paris, 3–5 September

Sacred Armenia, 3–11 September

Verona & Lake Garda, 6–12 September

Moscow & St Petersburg, 6–14 September

Walking to Santiago, 6–17 September

Champagne: vines, cellars and cuvée, 7–11 September

Samarkand & Silk Road Cities, 10–21 September

Classical Greece, 11–20 September

Courts of Northern Italy, 12–19 September

Georgia Uncovered, 12–22 September

Lusatia: Germany’s Eastern Borderlands, 13–19 September (MH887)

The Imperial Riviera, 13–19 September

Gastronomic Galicia, 13–20 September

Civilisations of Sicily, 13–25 September

St Petersburg, 17–24 September (MH894) 

Walking a Royal River, 20–26 September (MH899)

The Heart of Italy, 20–27 September (MH935)

The Douro, 20–27 September

In Search of Alexander, 21–27 September

Pompeii & Heculaneum, 27 September–2 October

Galleries of the American Midwest, 22 September–4 October

World Heritage Malta, 27 September–3 October

Footpaths of Umbria, 27 September–4 October

Granada & Córdoba, 27 September–4 October

Aragón: Hidden Spain, 27 September–5 October

Mitteldeutschland, 27 September–5 October

Ravenna & Urbino, 29 September–3 October (MH970)

Gardens & Villas of the Italian Lakes, 30 September–6 October

Flemish Painting


At home at Weston Park

Literary England

The Cornish Peninsula

The Ring in Helsinki

Paris: New Architecture

Gastronomic Campania

Design & Modernism in Turin & Milan

Walking in Slovenia

Cities of Catalonia

Swiss Modern


Albania: Crossroads of Antiquity, 6–15 October

Berlin Potsdam Dresden, 7–15 October (MH983)

Morocco, 9–20 October

The Western Balkans, 11–24 October

Palladian Villas, 12–17 October (MH107)

Israel & Palestine, 12–21 October

Gastronomic Piedmont, 16–22 October

Court Centres of the Po Valley, 17–24 October

Vietnam: History, People, Food, 17–29 October (MH133)

Castile & León, 18–27 October

Essential Andalucía, 18–28 October

Civilisations of Sicily, 18–30 October

Sardinia, 23–31 October

Essential Jordan, 23–31 October

The Making of Argentina, 29 October–9 November (MH166)

Cambodia by River, 30 October–12 November (MH171)

North Cyprus & Israel

Opera North

Houghton & Holkham

Churchill and WW2

Versailles: Seat of the Sun King

Wexford Opera

Hidden Gardens of Venice

Opera in Naples & Rome

Southern Sicily

Gastronomy & the Golden Age

The Romans in Western Iberia

Ancient & Islamic Tunisia


The Art of Florence, 1–7 November

OPERA IN SICILY, 2–8 November

Art in Madrid, 3–7 November

Les Années Folles, 4–7 November

Gastronomic Sicily, 8–15 November

Venetian Palaces, 9–13 November (MH179)

Florentine Palaces, 10–14 November

Oman, Landscapes & Peoples, 10–14 November

Early Christian & Medieval Rome, 16–23 November

Japanese Gardens, 18–29 November (MH201)

Art in Paris



We usually offer eight or nine tours over the Christmas and New Year period. 


Please e-mail to register your interest.