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Expert speakers

Speakers are a key ingredient of our tours and we select them with great care. Their scholarship is unimpeachable but their ability to communicate their learning is equally important. Their brief is to enlighten and stimulate, not merely to inform.

The term ‘speaker’ emphasises their primary role, and they are also ‘tour leaders’ because they are in charge of a tour, even when accompanied by a tour manager. Some of what they do constitutes guiding, but they are not guides; as academics, writers and curators, the information they supply is significantly different from that of tour guides.

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Image of Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott

Specialist in architectural history from the Baroque to the 20th centu...

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Dr Matthew J. Adams

Director of the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in ...

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Professor Robert Adelson

Professor of Music History and Organology at the Conservatoire de Nice...

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Photo of Louisa Allen.

Louisa Allen

Louisa Allen is a horticulturist and garden designer. She worked for t...

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Image of John Allison

Dr John Allison

Editor of Opera magazine and music critic. He was born in South Africa...

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Image of Helena Attlee

Helena Attlee

Writer and lecturer with an expert knowledge of Italian gardens. Among...

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Caricature of Patric Bade

Patrick Bade

Historian, writer and broadcaster. He studied at UCL and the Courtauld...

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Image of Paul Bahn

Dr Paul Bahn

Archaeologist and Britain’s foremost specialist in prehistoric art. He...

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Christopher Baker

Christopher Baker is an Honorary Professor at the University of Edinbu...

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Image of Juliet Barker

Dr Juliet Barker

An internationally recognised authority on medieval history whose abil...

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Lydia Bauman

Art historian, artist and lecturer at the National Gallery. Lydia stud...

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Image of Amira Bennison

Professor Amira Bennison

Professor in the History and Culture of the Maghrib at the University ...

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Image of David Beresford-Jones

Dr David Beresford-Jones

Affiliated Scholar of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Resear...

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Dr Meri Arichi

Lecturer and Senior Teaching Fellow in the History of Japanese Art at ...

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Raaja Bhasin

Award winning author, historian and journalist. He has published 15 bo...

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jeremy black

Professor Jeremy Black

Professor of History at the University of Exeter. He is an expert on A...

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Image of Flavio Boggi

Dr Flavio Boggi

Art historian specialising in mediaeval and Renaissance Italian art. H...

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Image of Monica Bohm-Duchen

Monica Bohm-Duchen

Lecturer, writer and curator specialising in 20th-century art. She stu...

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Dr Meg Boulton

Meg Boulton PhD, FRSA, has held the post of Teaching Fellow in History...

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Simon Bradley

Writer and architectural historian. He is joint editor of the Pe...

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Image of Xavier Bray

Dr Xavier Bray

Art historian specialising in Spanish art and sculpture and Director o...

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Image of Steven Brindle

Dr Steven Brindle

Read History at Oxford and worked for English Heritage for 34 years. H...

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Image of John Bryan

Professor John Bryan

Emeritus professor of Music at the University of Huddersfield, and a p...

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Avatar resized.

Dr Sally Butler

Associate Professor in Art History at the University of Queensland. Sh...

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Image of John Butt

Professor John Butt OBE

Lecturer, writer and musician, specialising in historical performance....

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